1-1 Online Yiddish Courses

You can book a free 35-minute session. Before the session you fill in a questionnaire, so I already come prepared. I give you a full-fledged, though short, lesson, and also answer your questions.

Personal consultation

You are a performer? Or you had a very unique path with Yiddish? Want to polish your skills? This is the right address. I will develop materials foe you. For each session of 1 hour I need at least 3 hours of preparation. Because I value your time!


Basic Yiddish fluency (10 lessons pack)

Learn the basics of Yiddish grammar. After these 10 lessons of 60 minutes you will be able to tell jokes in Yiddish, write letters or have a short conversation in a bus.


Reading Yiddish sources (10 lessons pack)

The problem with general Yiddish courses that they don't really help you "in field". This course is good for historians, those interested in genealogy, people wanting to read their family archives etc. You will get familiarized with different orthographic principles, handwriting styles, newspaper genres and so on. We will learn specific vocabulary relevant for you.


Yiddish dialects for performers, interviewers and grandchildren (10 lessons pack)

“He speaks Yiddish as a gentile” – this might be about you, if you can’t adjust to an appropriate dialect when you speak to someone, act or sing. Yiddish dialects differ from Standard Yiddish mostly in pronunciation of vowels. Kugl or kigl? Tokhes or tukhes? But there are also differences in grammar and vocabulary. You can chose to concentrate on general overview or delve into a particular dialect. I can reconstruct for you the dialect of a particular shtetl. Or shteytl?


Understanding Hasidic Yiddish (10 lessons pack)

This course is unique. Any Yiddish course you can find the world find will either teach you pure standard language or the language of the teacher, which might include traits of a particular dialect or variant of Yiddish, including Hasidic ones. I will teach you the language of this quite closed community. We will study if it really does not have norms. Hasidim would make fun of Standard Yiddish. But if you speak their language, their hearts will melt (: