About me

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My name is Elena Luchina. I am an expert in Yiddish. I had a chance to learn Yiddish with the world’s best teachers in Israel, US, France, Lithuania and Russia, I spoke Yiddish to my friends, my partner and on my workplace.

I provide help to discover the treasures of Yiddish culture and connect to a warm Yiddish-speaking community – what I call building a bridge to your Yiddish identity.

My individual classes are tailored just for you, according to you needs, on Skype, to pack in any busy schedule, and effective – because they are professional.

What makes people so interested in Yiddish?

  • unique structure of Yiddish
  • the role of Yiddish in Jewish tradition
  • the role of Yiddish in secular Jewish culture
  • the role of Yiddish for world culture

What will be the difference between you and others interested in Yiddish?

  • instead of just speaking about Yiddish, you will acquire the practical skill of mastering Yiddish, and your expertise will include speaking, writing, reading and oral comprehension, understanding different dialects and genres
  • instead of repeating popular myths from tabloids and amateur websites, you will understand the nature of Yiddish as seen by professional researchers. You will be guided you to distinguish between ideological misbelieves and real facts – in a concise, easy way
  • instead of just receiving information exclusively from me, from the very beginning you will be taught how to improve your skills by yourself and be a part of the community.


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